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Clock Repair & Restoration

The Clockmaker specializes in the repair and restoration of most antique and vintage clocks including: pendulum-regulated clocks which strike every hour on the hour, chiming and musical clocks, to longcase and grandfather clocks with their use of freestanding, weight-driven pendulums and even modern quartz battery-powered clocks.

The Clockmaker undertakes a lot of different restorations. And it’s not uncommon for them to be working with antique clocks that are 200 to 300 years old.

With years of ongoing wear to the timepieces – they endeavour to retain as much of the original state of our Customer’s antique clock as possible. The Clockmaker helps bring them back to functioning form, and help preserve the true historic value of the family heirloom for the next generations.

So what’s their process? For each antique clock, they perform a complete assessment to diagnose problems and provide cost-effective solutions for repair and restoration. Then, they undertake disassembly, cleaning, repair, reassembly, calibrating, recasing and test the antique clock to ensure it is fully functional before returning it to the Customer.

The Clockmaker can also convert many first generation battery clocks to newer style quartz clocks. Repairs to modern clocks are also part of the Clockmaker’s daily routine.

If you have an antique or vintage clock that needs repair or restoration, please get in touch via email.

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Customer Testimonial

I went in to Mr. Bouwman's shop to look at and discuss Hamilton watches. While there he took the time to answer my questions in a way that only someone in the business, and with the years of experience could do. You’re not going to find that level of knowledge from someone behind the counter of a department store!  I highly recommend him, and yes, I did end up purchasing a watch and I'm very happy with it.

- Gord W.